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The Latest Hiring Software Offers Big Returns in a Down Economy

Does your company use the latest hiring software available on the market today? If you are going to be successful in your candidate search during times like these, you need an edge. The old method of posting an email address for resumes on your corporate contact page doesn’t work anymore. An open position which might have attracted a dozen applicants in the past is now bringing in scores of resumes, a large number of which are qualified on paper for the open position. Modern recruiting software can help you differentiate and compare skills, education, and experience.

When something becomes a premium or prized possession, like a job, it is necessary for those who control that prize possession to make it even more valuable and unattainable so they can “thin the herd”. If three candidates apply for a job which pays $50,000 a year, the employer, after evaluating the available candidates, may need to concede something to get the right person. The position obviously isn’t as desirable as others on the market if there are that few applicants. On the other hand, if one hundred people apply, systematizing the application process will offer clear organizational advantages towards landing the best candidate for the job. Hiring software provides the best available solution for managing large numbers of applicants during the hiring process.

In the United States right now, unemployment is at ten percent and not looking to improve any time soon. The good jobs are all considered premium and the number of candidates applying for them is higher than ever. Recruiters representing companies with active hires rely on technology to increase overall efficiency and decrease a company’s average cost per a hire. Without software, filling a highly demanded position is extremely difficult due to the volume of applicants. What could once be accomplished by relying on email folders and spreadsheets becomes unmanageable without better organization.

Think about the number of workers who have been laid off from long term, seemingly stable jobs which they always assumed they would retire from. Each of those men and women has a skill set in their chosen profession. Some of those professions will experience permanent downsizing as jobs ship over seas. Many job seekers are applying to multiple positions and industries in an effort to make a career change. Hiring software leverages powerful database technology to categorize available candidates and match their personal profiles to appropriate open positions. This advantage increases a corporate recruiter’s ability to recycle applications into other available job openings even if the role a candidate originally applied for has been filled.

Ask your corporate recruiter what he or she is using for hiring software and whether it has been upgraded in the recent past. Unless you’re a software designer, you probably won’t know the difference between programs, but you’ll at least find out if your recruiter is confident in the software he or she is using to get the job done. Technology has changed the job search industry and the recession has changed the market. If your recruiter doesn’t have the very latest hiring software, you are at a severe disadvantage.